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Luxury Skincare

Using the Purest and Most Effective Ingredients

Dermatologist Tested & Developed

Proven to be pure, safe and effective.


I have been dealing with rosacea all my life and have tried many products. I started using the Brightening Serum a year ago and it has improved my skin tone, texture and also help fade some of my brown spots. I use it everyday and love how my skin looks!!

Angela P.

The redness in my skin has dramatically decreased after using the Brightening Serum for a month now. The improvement is noticeable.


Thank you for helping me to erase my regrets. My regrets being the early skin damage caused by my sun-bathing with baby oil and iodine. When I came to you I felt as if there was no hope for the wrinkles and discolorations on my face. However, you have rejuvenated my skin with your WONDERFUL products. Your patient consultations and non-invasive procedures also have put a SMILE on my new unwrinkled face.
I would also like to praise your staff for their professionalism and friendliness. They always put in that extra effort to make me feel comfortable and special.


I have used all of Dr. Beer’s Scientific products. My favorites are the White Bamboo Exfoliator which heats up in your hand and then feels great on your face creating a very smooth texture. The Intensive Repair is another great product. It helps with discoloration and healing. The Lifting Serum does just what it says. The Neck Sculpt makes my neck feel smooth and smells great too. Dr. Beer and his staff have made me a very happy. When I am in his office, I feel like I am in a candy store, but I don’t put on any weight, just smiles and of course, less wrinkles. Thank you. I am fortunate to have found a doctor like you.


I’ve been in the aesthetic industry for 15 years and have tried every product on the market. Dr. Beer’s skin care regimen is the most effective product I have ever used! My skin’s texture has become smooth and bright almost overnight!”


I wanted to thank you for steering me in the direction of Dr. Beer’s new skin care line. Being active in the Florida sun, it is imperative to use the proper products to keep from losing the battle of time and exposure. My dark spots have faded, and the fine lines are popping back to a smooth appearance around the eyes.
Thanks again for a wonderful line.

Anonymous Customer

Just have to rave about Dr. Beer and his staff. I have tried many doctors and products, literally, world wide
I have gotten a better result with Dr. Beer procedures and products.

Sheila Shane RN

Thank you and Dr Beers for the amazing products!!!! I have been using them since Tuesday night and already everyone is saying how amazing my skin looks!! Please thank him on my behalf and look forward to visiting him when I am in Palm Beach again and I am already a product devotee!


This is a wonderful product! Not only did it significantly reduce the redness on my face, but it hydrated my skin nicely. I had no allergic reactions on my overly-sensitive, light skin – it just evened out the redness as well as improving my skin tone and freckles/sun damage.. The texture is wonderful. It was smooth and velvet-like – not gooey or watery. It dried nicely and smoothly and disappeared! (I hate the feel of something heavy or greasy in my skin – and this product was never like that!). I would definitely use it again…(and I missed it when it was not available!). I would highly recommend this product to anyone any redness of the skin. It also is a wonderful base for under a light moisture product prior to applying makeup.


Dr. Kenneth Beer, World Renowned Dermatologist

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What Makes scientificrx standout from other lines?

Paraben Free

Parabens are substances that are used as preservatives in skin care products. They are petroleum based chemicals that prevent the growth of bacteria. They have been shown to cause allergic reactions and are one of the leading causes of contact dermatitis. In addition, they mimic estrogen in the body which disrupts the delicate hormonal balance that our bodies need for good health.

Dermatologist Tested & Developed

This means we test our products for irritation under dermatologist supervision – Dr. Beer! Our products go through extensive testing to ensure they are proven pure, safe and effective.

Never Tested on Animals; Fragrance and Synthetic Dye Free

Why do products need to be colored or fragranced? We have deleted chemical fragrances and dyes that are the #1 and #2 skin irritants. Anyone with sensitive skin can use SCIENTIFIC products with confidence. Our plant based ingredients have a pleasant fragrance that our customers love!